Church Plants We've Served

Calvary Chapel Northgrove
Anaheim, California
Sam Barela
Pastor Brad Young & Pastor Jack Abeelen

Our vision is to bring the Good News of our risen Lord and Savior Jesus to a lost and thirsty world (John 4:14) our emphasize is to worship our God and Father through song and prayer, we gather to hear from Him in hope and anticipation that He will help us to be transformed into the image of His Son Jesus.

My name is Sam Barela and God has called me to Pastor Calvary Chapel NorthGrove. In 1990 my life was forever changed by God’s grace and knowledge of Him. My lovely wife Charlene and I have been together since Jr. High School and have been married now for 32 years. We have one beautiful daughter, two crazy sons and six wonderful grandchildren. We definitely have been tested and tried through marriage and raising children, through life and death and still God remains faithful. With God all things are possible (Matt. 19:26).

How amazing is God that He would allow us to be planted here for such a time when life is so busy, technology is at our fingertips for good and evil and the family unit is falling apart. Our hope is while God has us here we would be used to bring Him glory and bring people of all tongues, tribes and nations to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord.  John 3:16-17…..

Shoreline Church
Sarasota, Florida
Pilgrim Benham
Pastor Chuck Musselwhite

After attending CCBC in Murietta in 2001-02, Pilgrim came on staff at CC Sarasota. For eight years he taught and equipped students and also served in media, worship, and small groups. In 2010, Pilgrim, his wife Jenn, and their two children (Aiden, 10; London, 7) moved to Tampa with no jobs, no home, knowing no one in the city and with minimal resources (other than the power of the Holy Spirit) planted Reality Church Tampa (now known as Calvary Chapel South Tampa). In four years, through much hardship and grace, Pilgrim raised up leaders to continue the work there and caught a vision to plant churches/mobilize church planters in Western Florida. In July, the Benhams stepped out in faith and moved to Bradenton, Florida, to plant Shoreline Church.  Shoreline started meeting Sunday nights at a warehouse space and is seeing a great move of the Spirit happening. Pilgrim is developing and training a Launch Team and plans to move to a Bradenton location in January. Shoreline is also looking to provide a church-planter internship for planters and their family to be apprenticed and prepared to start more churches within CCPN.

Radiant Church
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Earl Buchan
Mentor: Pastor Brent Smith

It’s been said that our lives without the Holy Spirit are like charcoal without fire. This is how I’ve found my life without His Spirit, and a lump of coal is what I made out of life before Him. I chose to go to church on my own at the age of 15, but I didn’t become a follower of Christ for many years thereafter. In fact, it took me a very long time to simply let go and let God. I had a foolish idea that God needed my help in working out His calling in my life, when really all I needed to do was stop and listen a while.

It has been through grace, and grace alone, that I have been saved. I have been forgiven much and so it is in my heart to forgive much.  I want to live a radiant life. Each morning I wake up and read a chapter of a good book, read a chapter from The Word and spend some time in prayer. The biggest thing God has taught me, so far, has been that I am nothing without Him.

Radiant Church is a Calvary Chapel church plant in Vancouver, BC Canada. What once started as a Thursday night Bible study has grown to become a Sunday morning fellowship with multiple events and studies each week.

Horizonte Calvary Chapel Villahermosa
Location:  Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico
Planter: Adrian Capitaine
Mentor: Pastor Kike Torres

Almost two years ago, after years of working beside a church in that city, impacting many by preaching the Word of God, Pastor Kike Torres received a request from Villahermosa, Tabasco to begin a work there.  The result was that Adrian Capitaine started a Bible study, began preparing by entering the School of Ministry Queretaro and a new church was born – Horizonte Calvary Chapel Villahermosa!

Calvary Berthoud
Location: Berthoud, Colorado
Planter: Jim Carlton
Mentor: Pastor Jeff Figgs

Pastor Jim and his wife Kris, have been a part of Calvary Chapel for over 20 years. Jim served as an elder, worship leader, and most recently as an Assistant Pastor at Calvary Chapel in Greeley, CO. In 2013 Pastor Jim felt the call of God to plant a Calvary Chapel somewhere in Northern Colorado. After seeking the Lord through prayer, God’s Word, and through the counsel of others, he was led to the Berthoud Community to start a church.

The Anchor: Calvary Chapel San Pedro 
Location: San Pedro, Calfironia
Planter: Jerry Cesario
Mentor: Pastor Lance Ralston

Pastor Jerry Cesario and his wife Alicia have been serving the Lord together since 1988 and began to sense the call to ministry around 1999-2000. After completing ministry school at Calvary Chapel Oxnard and serving together in evangelism, teaching, and Alicia’s church administration job, they received the call to step out and plant a church in San Pedro. Jerry grew up in the South Bay and Alicia’s family roots are very deep in San Pedro from as far back as the 40’s. They are blessed to serve the LORD together and the community of San Pedro.

Our vision is to be a committed fellowship of believers who faithfully follow Jesus Christ, having our souls anchored in Him as our sure and steadfast Hope (Hebrews 6:19).

Our Mission is to faithfully teach, disciple, and equip people to know God’s Word and to be effective in sharing it with others. We also believe we are to support and send others to plant churches and serve in the mission field.

Westminster Calvary Chapel
Location: Westminister, Colorado
Planter: Jeff Cramer

Pastor Jeff committed his life to Jesus Christ in 1993.  There was a radical change that took place in Jeff after being born again. His life took on purpose and meaning as he and his family began to walk as Christians and serve.  Jeff and his wife Jodi began spending their free time serving gang members and reaching out to the Hispanic community in San Diego.

Time went on and the next chapter began Thanksgiving 2003.  Jeff and Jodi visited Castle Rock, Colorado. After returning home to San Diego, God started working on Jeff’s heart to relocate to Colorado and within a few months they moved to Castle Rock.  Jeff and his family immediately got plugged into Calvary Chapel Castle Rock. CCCR would become his training ground for ministry. God had a call on Jeff’s life and over the next seven years God would prepare him to be a pastor.

Jeff and Jodi began praying and after a few months God revealed Westminster, Colorado as a possible plant location. God gave favor and opened doors. Westminster Calvary officially began meeting together as a Bible study in August of 2011 and now hold weekly worship services and mid-week studies.

Denver Calvary
Location: Denver, Colorado
Planter: Louie Cruzado
Mentor:  Pastor Ed Taylor

God blessed Pastor Louie with the privilege of serving with incredible men of God. He served with Pastor Jeff Johnson of Calvary Chapel of Downey for nine years, then moved to Colorado and served with Pastor Ed Taylor of Calvary Chapel Aurora for five years as an associate Pastor. On Sept. 30th 2012 Pastor Louie started Denver Calvary Chapel. It’s been the most difficult, challenging, and greatest blessing in his ministry experience.

Golgota Szolnok
Location: Szolnok, Hungary
Planter: Shane Daniels
Mentor: Pastor Bill Holdridge

I grew up in San Jose, California, and came to know The Lord in 2001 at Calvary Chapel San Jose.  Shortly after, I began short term missions in Hungary in 2002, and moved here in 2006 to assist in a church plant led by Nicholas Cady.  I met my wife, Marianna, a Hungarian, in 2007 and we were married in 2008.  We moved to her home town in 2010 where we now live and raise our daughter, Emily.

When we moved to Szolnok in 2010, we were immediately faced with isolation, separation between churches and a long history of failed plants in the area.  God moved mightily though at our first prayer meeting and has been faithfully keeping us on course since.  We believe our calling is to bind up the broken hearted and set the captives free, all while building bridges with other fellowships in this town and faithfully teaching the word of God. Our fellowship of 30 is now overseen by two elders and is growing in size and strength, all by the leading and power of the Holy Spirit!  Praise God!

New Journey Christian Fellowship
Location: Riverside, California
Planter: Tim Davies
Mentor: Pastor Rick Doucette

Tim has been in the medical field for 30 years honing his skill as a minister at the bedside of countless patients. Over the last 20 years of serving within the church God has developed a passion and call to plant in the La Sierra area of Riverside, California. Although the church is in the very early stages of being planted, Tim recognizes that every good endeavor requires faithful persistence.

Calvary Chapel Newnan
Location: Newnan, Georgia
Planter: Joel Dover
Mentor: Pastor Sandy Adams

Joel and his wife of 17 years, Kimberly have three children Megan (7), Jake (5), and Allison(2). They live in Newnan GA, a suburb of Atlanta GA. Joel earned his doctorate from a seminary in Atlanta. Joel has over 15 years of pastoral ministry experience. In the spring of 2014, a group of believers invited Joel to teach a Bible study in their home. In August of 2014, the growing group leased a church building for their worship services and has become a church.

Cross Connection North Jersey
Location: Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey
Planter: Jay Fulton
Mentor: Pastor Bruce Zachary
Website: :

Pastor Jay was born and raised in Southern California and became a Christian in the summer of 1993. After years of attending denominational churches, Jay began to be encouraged by Calvary Chapel pastors through the KWVE radio station in Southern California. Jay ended up attending his first Calvary Chapel on the east coast while working in New Jersey. In 2004 Jay moved back to California and attended Calvary Nexus where he was mentored by Bruce Zachary while serving in various capacities from children’s ministry to deacon to elder, overseeing home groups, men’s and women’s ministries, and singles ministries. In 2011 the Lord called Jay back to New Jersey to plant a church. Today he is still bi-vocational, holding his “tent-making” job in the automotive industry.

In 2013, Cross Connection was birthed as a mid-week Bible study that met (and still meets) in a historic church in the town of Hasbrouck Heights, NJ.  In January 2015, Cross Connection started hosting Sunday services and has been seeing God’s steady supply of grace. Cross Connection was established to be a base camp in the heart of northeast New Jersey (just outside of New York City), for the equipping of the saints and the spreading of the Gospel.

Calvary Chapel Acatlán
Location: Acatlán, Veracruz, Mexico
Planter:  Danny Gamez
Mentor: Pastor Tito Lampon

Danny Gamez, missionary from Calvary Chapel Downey, has been serving at Calvary Chapel Mérida and Bible College since 2012. During this time his desire to plant a church in Mexico grew. In March 2014, seeing a group of believers in the town of Acatlán, Veracruz without a pastor and with persecution from the Catholic church put a burden on Danny’s heart. The Lord confirmed this calling after Danny and his wife sought the Lord through prayer, His word and counsel. In January 2015, they will be moving to plant Calvary Chapel Acatlán. A church plant through the ministry of CC Downey and CC Mérida.

Nexus Portland
Location: Portland, Oregon
Planter: Trevor Gavin
Mentor: Pastor Bruce Zachary

We have been in Portland for just under a year now. By Gods grace we started quickly and very small. In the last 10 months God has done some amazing things. Currently we have two bible studies. One that meets near downtown Portland at our house and another in the suburbs. As well we have a bible study that is made up of atheists and agnostics. It is lead by a guy who God saved while we’ve been here. Just this past month we started gathering together as a church one time per month. Currently the vision is to gather collectively monthly over the next few months and then by Gods grace move to every Sunday. We are young and small, but God continues to blow our minds by all He’s doing.

Calvary Chapel Cayman Islands
Location: Prospect, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Planter:  Sean & Kacey Glidden
Mentor: Pastor Brad Jensen

In 1996 Sean and Kacey moved from Alabama to Grand Cayman.  They started their family there and in 1998 they began serving the Lord in various ministries and mission organizations.  Sean and Kacey have a heart for missions and a love for the Word of God.  Their testimony is one step of faith after another.  In 2002, Sean and Kacey were called to move back to Alabama.  In obedience, Sean resigned his job (without having a job or household established in Alabama) and moved his family by faith.  The Lord provided everything, which taught them to walk by faith.  In 2009, the Lord lead Sean to get involved with a mission organization as a Field Trainer in water pump repair and in 2010 he went to Uganda for three weeks as a trainer.  Later that year, Sean and Kacey were called back to Cayman.  In September 2012, they began to assist Pastor Brad and Amy with planting Calvary Chapel Cayman Islands.

Calvary Chapel South Pittsburg
Location: South Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Planter: Tim Green
Mentor: Pastor Shawn Frasher

Tim Green planted Calvary Chapel South Pittsburgh from a home fellowship that originally started out of CC Pittsburgh. The church recently began Sunday services in Elizabeth, PA. teaching the Bible verse by verse just as Tim learned at CC Honolulu the first CC that he attended in 1995. The church meets at the Elizabeth Grand Theatre and rents a storefront adjacent to the church for children’s ministry and as a base for the extensive ministries available through this young but dynamic CC church plant. Tim and his wife Jan have been residents of the community for more than a decade, and are blessed to be part of this new work of God along with their four young children.

Reliant Church Laguna Beach
Location: Laguna Beach California
Planter: Jason Huffman
Mentor: Pastors Holland Davis & David Rolf

For many years there has been a special place in my heart for Laguna Beach. In the last four or five years, I felt a stronger burden for the city and the people. As I would ride my bike through town or come down to the beach with my family, there was always a connection to this little coastal jewel. In 2012, I was awakened in the middle of the night with what I could only say was the Lord speaking to me to “plant a church in Laguna Beach.” Seeking confirmation through His word and godly counsel, I realized God truly was calling us to begin a work of God’s Spirit in Laguna Beach.

Some friends and I gathered to pray.  The Lord confirmed at this time that we should go forward.  We began to meet together, worship, study the Bible, and pray at a friend’s house.  After a couple of months the Lord spoke to us that we needed to meet in the city of Laguna. We are excited to be meeting at the Top of the World Elementary School.  We are here because Jesus loves Laguna, and this is His work.

Calvary Chapel Lexington
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Planter: Jeremiah Hurt
Mentor: Pastor’s David Keesee & Kevin Miller 

Calvary Chapel Lexington, KY is a new church plant that is approaching its one year anniversary. In less than one year the Lord has grown this little body from 3 families to around 40 adults and 20 children. Jeremiah Hurt is pastor of Calvary Chapel Lexington. He was sent out with his wife and 3 children by his home church in Indiana, Calvary Chapel Crawfordsville, by pastor David Keesee. Jeremiah is currently working full-time at a grocery distribution center while serving as full-time pastor. He and his wife are expecting their 4th child. They are amazed to see what the Lord is doing in Lexington, KY and are so blessed by the people He has surrounded them with.

Calvary Chapel Grand Lake
Location: Fairland, Oklahoma
Planter: Randy James
Mentor: Pastor’s Don Marianthal & Mark Neely

Randy was born again on a Wednesday evening in December 1975 and began attending Calvary Chapel Escondido, where he began to lead worship and teach youth of all ages. After moving to Oklahoma in 1998, he married his beautiful wife, Brenda, and became involved with a local church near his home. Feeling that the Lord was leading him further, he and his family began to travel weekly to Calvary Chapel Joplin, where they served for two years before starting a meeting at their house in Grove and fellowshipping with other local churches. Randy and his family are excited to partner with other Calvary Chapels in the region to plant Calvary Chapel Grand Lake. Randy is also the chaplain for the local Chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association and works as an aircraft mechanic at the Grove airport.

Calvary Chapel Punto Vertical
Location: South Orlando, Florida
Planter:  Hector Juarbe
Mentor: Pastor Dave Folkerts

I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico and was saved in 1995, changing completely from a lost life of witchcraft, alcohol, drugs, and fornication. Currently I’m married to Lesandra for the past 15 years and have 5 children. My passion is to encourage and share with the people about how Jesus led me to follow God’s calling upon my life.  In 2004 I was ordained as an assistant pastor at Calvary Chapel Puerto Rico. In 2005, God moved me out of PR and by 2006 I was established in Palm Bay Florida and doing God’s work in Calvary Chapel Melbourne. I came on staff in 2009 and graduated CCM School of Ministry in 2010. There I served as both the Director of the Home Groups Ministry and as Pastor of the Latino Ministry. My heart for lost people has prompted me to serve and lead several evangelistic outreaches and medical mission trips here and abroad. In 2013, God called my wife and I to plant a church in Kissimmee FL. We have recently moved to South Orlando, Florida, continually encouraging and exhorting people to have a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ!

Calvary Chapel Mwihoko
Location: Mwihoko, Kenya
Planter:  John Kung’u
Mentor: Pastor Ed Compean

John Kung’u is an assistant pastor at Calvary Chapel Githurai and has begun the work of planting what will, lord willing, become Calvary Chapel Mwihoko. John is recently married to Mercy and is spending this first season establishing his household in the new community as he teaches Bibles studies. Together they have have overseen various ministries it Calvary Chapel Githurai, including Jesus to the Streets, which is a ministry to street boys.

Calvary Vancouver
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Planter: Rob Lee
Mentor: Pastor Brent Smith

Rob is a former professional musician and actor who transitioned onto the mission field in Baja, Mexico in 2010. In August of 2013 Rob and his family returned to Canada to plant Calvary Vancouver which officially began January 30, 2014.

Capilla Calvario Culiacan
Location: Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico
Planter: Hugo Limon
Mentor: Pastor Michael Vincent

Hugo Limon has been a Christian for 18 years. Born in Culiacán, Sinaloa, México. and has been living in Tijuana, BC, México for the past 10 years. He married his wife Brenda in 2007 and they served together as youth pastors at Calvary Chapel Rosarito. Their daughter Joy was born in 2012.

He knew the moment that he was born again, that God had called him to serve and that he would go through a time of preparation. He is now enrolled in the church planting class.

A year ago, during a church planting conference God reminded Hugo of the calling He had given him many years ago and he placed a strong burden in his heart for his city, Culiacán, Sinaloa, México. God has revealed to him that there is great need for His word to be taught verse by verse.  He has prepared Hugo to start this church in Fall 2015. Hugo and Brenda are excited to return to his hometown to serve and see Jesus save many!

Horizon Christian Fellowship South Bend
Location: South Bend, Indiana
Planter: Joe Mann
Mentor: Pastor Bill Goodrich

Horizon Christian Fellowship South Bend began as a small group Bible study.  Pastor Joe Mann and his wife, Tami, began driving from Fort Wayne to the South Bend area to meet with fellow believers and study God’s Word.  In August of 2012, they moved to Mishawaka  Joe and Tami hosted the Bible studies in their home from that August through April of 2013.  Saturday evening meetings were held at another location.  In August 2013,  the fellowship found a facility to rent and began meeting there. At present, God is preparing them for the next phase of His great plan!

Horizonte Calvary Chapel Torreón
Location: Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico
Planter: Joel Martinez
Mentor: Pastor Kike Torres

One year ago, brothers from Torreón Coahuila (northern Mexico) asked Pastor Kike Torres if he had thought about planting a church in the area near Torreón. God planted the seed with them to pursue.  Joel Martinez is planting the church and is preparing through the School of Ministry Queretaro and the School of Ministry Calvary Chapel Melbourne, Florida (via internet).

Calvary Chapel Fergus Falls
Location: Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Planter: Tim Molter
Mentor: Pastor Sam Allen

Tim Molter has served in children’s and youth ministry under Pastor Sam Allen at Calvary Chapel Chico for the last several years. In the summer of 2013 Calvary Chapel of Chico in California sent Tim and his wife Anna to plant a Calvary in Tim’s birthplace of Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

Calvary New Beginnings San Dimas
Location: San Dimas, California
Planter: Joe Monfreda

Pastor Joe attended Simon Greenleaf University in Anaheim, CA. Shortly thereafter, the Lord opened doors for him to teach Apologetics & World Views at the Calvary Chapel Bible College at the Twin Peaks campus, and then at the present main campus in Murrieta. From 2000 till December 2011 he attended and served at the fellowship called Life Bible Fellowship in Upland, CA in which, he served as an expository bible study teacher/apologetic teacher and eventually an Elder Board member.  Joe is currently a Bible teacher and apologetics teacher at Calvary Chapel Bible College.

What began as a home bible study in their Upland home, eventually moved to San Dimas Canyon Park, attendees showing up with just Bibles, lawn chairs and water bottles. Through many prayers and door-to-door evangelism/outreach in this city they remained faithful to Jesus’ Great Commission to preach and teach and make disciples. The Bible study eventually grew as a group in love and size and the need to find a building and open a church was obvious to all.

On November 2, 2014 they held their first Sunday service in La Verne, CA and also started up a midweek service. As the Pastor, Joe is committed to preaching, teaching and equipping through the whole counsel of God’s Holy Word until Jesus raptures us out of here!  A New Testament Style, Bible Believing, Bible Teaching, Equipping and Sending Church – all in obedience to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!”

Calvary Chapel Santa Paula
Location: Santa Paula, California
Planter: Fabian Moreno
Mentor: Pastor Lance Ralston

A bricklayer by trade, Fabian Moreno has lent his hand in building various projects in and around So Cal. Born in 1977 in Oxnard, California, and born again in 2005 at Calvary Chapel of Oxnard under Pastor Lance Ralston.

Fabian is the campus pastor of Calvary Chapel of Santa Paula, where he now lives with his beautiful wife Cecilia, and five children: Cindy, Mandy, Sebastian, Fabian Jr, Noah, and their dog Shelly.

He looks forward to serving the Lord, growing old with his wife, watching his children grow, and reaping the rewards of having a full quiver. He looks forward to meeting Jesus face to face someday soon!

Calvary Chapel Redeeming Grace
Location: El Paso, Texas
Planter: Michael Morse
Mentor: Pastor Terry Gray

Since giving his life to Christ in 2003 Michael had been serving at Calvary Chapel Sun City teaching Sunday school, youth ministry, and college ministry.  He served on the board of elders at the church as well.  He married his wife while involved in youth ministry in 2008. Since then they have been blessed with three children Nikolas (4 yrs), Nathaniel (2 yrs) and Abby (almost 1 yr).

Calvary Chapel Redeeming Grace was born out of a Friday night Kinship Bible study of three families.  In 2012 they started meeting and praying about planting a church. April 20th, 2014 (Easter Sunday) the church officially launched meeting in a school library.  God have them the mission and name for the church through Titus 2:11-15.

Calvary Chapel Amazing Grace Thika
Location: Thika, Kenya
Planter: Stephen Njoroge
Mentor: Pastor Ed Compean

Calvary Chapel Amazing Grace Thika is in the foundation stage of its planting process. It was conceived on 25th October 2012 after 5 months of fervent prayers for Calvary Chapel type of church to be planted in Thika – Kenya. Stephen Njoroge Kigo is a promising Pastor-Teacher and a gifted Evangelist. He is also the Author of The Greatest Decision ebook, a Soul-winning Life-transforming book, and has overarching passion is to teach through the Bible thereby turning many to righteousness.

The Refuge Church of the West Valley
Location: West Valley, Phoenix, Arizona
Planter: Joshua Perlman
Mentor: Pastor Mark Martin

After serving with Calvary Community Church in Phoenix since 2007, Josh and his wife, Barbara, have stepped out to re-plant Calvary Christian Fellowship as The Refuge Church of the West Valley.

Gracia de Calvario 
Location: Vista del Valle, Tijuana, Mexico
Planter: Jose Luis Pesina
Mentors: Pastor’s Mike Vincent, Jesus Ochoa & Fernando Serrano

Jose Luis is married to Cindy and they have a young, adopted son. Jose worked 30 years in construction until he had an accident at work that took away his vision in one eye and left him partially blind in the other eye. At that time he learned to hear the voice of God by listening to the Word on tape.  Jose Luis studied at Calvary Chapel Rosarito, graduated from the Bible institute, and started Gracia del Calvario in January 2011 in a very poor, spiritually confused, gang and drug ridden area of east Tijuana.  Today the church is very active in ministry with Bible studies, church services, and lunch kitchens in two cities. Gracia del Calvario is growing in numbers and spiritually!

Coastline Calvary Chapel Navarre 
Location: Navarre, Florida
Planter: Randy Pitman
Mentors: Pastor John Spencer

I surrendered my life to Jesus in October 1991 while attending a local surf movie. I was there making a drug deal but the Lord had other plans. Unbeknownst to all of the surfers, it was a Christian surf movie that a local surf shop (Innerlight) and church (New Life Christian Fellowship) had sponsored as an outreach. I immediately got involved with the church.  In 1996 I met my wife Dawn at a college & career bible study that I was teaching at the time and in 1998 she became my wife, and in my life, she became one of the greatest shaping tools in the Masters hand. She has served alongside of me in so many capacities through the years both on staff and outside. We have three small boys ages 2, 4 & 8.

The Lord is working through Coastline Calvary Chapel Gulf Breeze and Coastline Calvary Chapel Destin in such a beautiful way – they are planting a church in Navarre, Florida!  The Lord has put Navarre on my mind and heart as well as my wife, Dawn’s. There are so many young families that are military transplants living there that either do not know Jesus or are looking for a place to grow in their faith. What has been so exciting to me, is to see the heart of two fellowships joining together in order to share the costs and responsibilities that ensue in such an endeavor. In John 4, Jesus asked His disciples to look out into the fields, “for they are already white with harvest!” The Lord has turned our attention to the field of Navarre and we see it “white for harvest”. Please labor with us in prayer as we serve the Lord in Navarre, Florida!

Calvary Chapel Fountain Hills 
Location: Fountain Hills, Arizona
Planter: Rick Ponzo

Rick was raised Catholic, but hadn’t attended church from the age of 12 until he was 20, when a friend stopped by his house to tell him about Jesus.  Rick gave his life Christ immediately, and a year later joined the U.S. Navy.

Rick was stationed in San Diego, CA. Before the first gulf war, Rick felt the call of the Lord to “get prepared” for the upcoming deployment to the gulf.  He packed away music, Bibles, and commentaries to bring on the trip, not knowing what to expect. Once deployed, he was told the ship did not have a chaplain, so he asked the captain if there was a place that he could hold Bible study.

Upon returning to the US, he knew the ministry God placed before him was complete. It wasn’t until years later that the Lord placed the calling once more on Rick’s life to move to Arizona.  Rick served at Calvary Chapel of Queen Creek for seven years and Skyline Christian Fellowship 2009 to 2011.  In early 2011 Rick felt called to plant a new work in the Town of Fountain Hills.  Rick was ordained that year and proceeded to establish Calvary Chapel Fountain Hills.  Pastor Rick and his wife Cheryl are excited to be serving the Lord in the town of Fountain Hills.

White Flag Calvary 
Location: Denver, Colorado
Planter: Shawn Reinsel
Mentor: Pastor Ed Taylor

Shawn graduated from Calvary Chapel Bible College in 2002, served as an intern at Calvary Chapel Greeley, a Youth Pastor at Rocky Mountain Calvary, a Youth and Worship Leader at Crossroads Church of Denver and as an Assistant and Campus Pastor at Calvary Aurora. Calvary Aurora is now transitioning their Denver Campus to be an independent church, with Shawn as the Pastor.

Capillo Calvario Nexus (Español)
Location: Camarillo, California
Planter: Jorge Rodriguez
Mentor: Pastor Bruce Zachary

We have been leading the Spanish Church at Calvary Nexus Camarillo, California for over 3 years.  We currently have a regular Sunday service, a midweek community group and a women’s bible study.  We also have a Women’s ministry and a Children’s ministry. The majority of the members are former Catholics.  Attendance for Sunday service varies from 28 to 36 people. Our growth has been slow but, steady.  God has shown that he has been with us every step of the way. We are trusting in the Lord and the plans he has for our church.  When God starts a work, He always finishes it.

The Lord is working through Coastline Calvary Chapel Gulf Breeze and Coastline Calvary Chapel Destin in such a beautiful way – they are planting a church in Navarre, Florida!  The Lord has put Navarre on my mind and heart as well as my wife, Dawn’s. There are so many young families that are military transplants living there that either do not know Jesus or are looking for a place to grow in their faith. What has been so exciting to me, is to see the heart of two fellowships joining together in order to share the costs and responsibilities that ensue in such an endeavor. In John 4, Jesus asked His disciples to look out into the fields, “for they are already white with harvest!” The Lord has turned our attention to the field of Navarre and we see it “white for harvest”. Please labor with us in prayer as we serve the Lord in Navarre, Florida!

CityLight Hamburg
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Planter: Joseph Roper
Mentor: Jeff Fadness

Joey and Rebecca have been married since January of 2003 and have been blessed with three beautiful  children. Joey served as the Jr. High Pastor at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in Southern California for 9 years. During these years, he had the  opportunity to take the youth around the world to proclaim the gospel of Jesus  Christ. It was during one of these short term mission trips to Herborn, Germany that the  Lord began to speak to him about moving to Germany to not only impart to the Germans the gospel, but their very own lives (1 Thes. 2:8). This began a two-year process of praying and seeking the Lord for His direction and timing. In September of 2008 the Lord moved the Roper family to Herborn, Germany to help assist in the work at Calvary Chapel Herborn. After three years of serving in Herborn, the Lord began to speak that He was moving them on. So they began to take steps of faith and flew back to California for a season. During their time in California the Lord confirmed to them that He was calling them back to Germany to plant a new church in the city of Hamburg. The Roper family moved back to Germany in September of 2012 and have been living in Hamburg since December of 2012. On August 18, 2013, CityLight Hamburg was officially birthed at the end of a four day prayer tour that took place in the city of Hamburg. Since that time the Lord has been establishing a group of people who call CityLight their home. At this time they are currently meeting on Sunday mornings for a home bible study where they are developing a team out of this group. They are also meeting for mid-week men’s and women’s discipleship groups as well.

Calvary West Tampa 
Location: Tampa, Florida
Planter: Ryan Saul
Mentor: Pastor Bill Cook

While serving at Calvary Fellowship in Ottawa, Pastor Ryan and his wife Rachel began praying about planting a church. After returning home in 2011 and going on staff at Calvary Chapel Palm Harbor the prayer and desire to plant a church was revived. Through counsel and much prayer Ryan and Rachel began to feel The Lord drawing them to Tampa.

In the summer of 2012 a home fellowship was started with the intention of eventually planting a church in Tampa. Now with a group of good friends and like-minded believers working and praying together progress was being made. Discipleship was taking place and growth ensued. Over the next couple years The Lord opened doors and shut others, all the while slowly building His church. Along the way bringing more people who shared the same vision for church planting and the same broken heart for the lost and hurting.  Today we are a small fellowship in Tampa with a passion for the Word of God, for fellowship, for worship, and for prayer

Calvary Chapel Sevier Valley
Richfield, Utah
Ryan Shaddix
Pastor Rick Nerud

In July of 2004 , we were given a heart and vision for the people of Sevier Valley. We began to pray. In 2006 after serving for five years in youth ministry at Calvary Chapel Tricity in Tempe, AZ. we were invited to come on staff at Calvary Chapel St George to pastor the youth ministry. Over the next 8 years God expanded our family, our ministry, and our hearts for the people of Utah.

In the summer of 2014 Calvary St. George began planting a church. Over three months St. George did outreach to the surrounding communities, renovated a 100 year old hotel, and ministered alongside us to begin this new work. Late August 2014 they sent us to Richfield to pastor the church and our first Sunday service was October 5th, 2014!

Calvary Chapel Palabra Viva
Location: San Isidro de el General, Pérez Zeledón, San José, Costa Rica
Planter: Ryan Slabach

Originally Calvary Chapel Palabra Viva (Living Word) began as an English-speaking church service/Bible study for CCBC students studying in a Costa Rica extension campus. After students made friends in the community, they invited them to the service, which was translated from English to Spanish. Three years and six semesters of Bible College students later, we have outgrown the living room where we once met as a group of 6, relocating to a hotel conference room nearby. We now translate from Spanish to English for the students when they attend.

Vestige Church
Location: Monroe, Lousiana
Planter: Caleb Tarr
Mentor: Pastor Billy Spalding

After serving in the US Air Force, Caleb served with Calvary Chapel Shreveport as an elder, youth pastor and associate pastor. During his time at CC Shreveport, the ministry team has been working to raise up church planters. Caleb and his family were sent out to plant in Monroe, Lousiana in November of 2013.

Calvary Chapel Walnut Creek
Location: Walnut Creek, California
Planter: Jared Thomsen
Mentor: Pastor Josh Black

Pastor Jared Thomsen was born and raised in Southern California, has been married to his wife Angela since October of 2001, and has two daughters – Reagan, and Delaney. In 2011 God began to put the San Francisco Bay Area on Jared and Angela’s hearts, and for the next two years of praying and seeking clarity from the Lord – He started to give more clarity to why He was putting that area on their hearts.

In May of 2014 after about three years of God stirring them and confirming to them that they were being called by Him to step out in faith and go start a new church in the East Bay Area – Jared and his family moved to Walnut Creek California to plant Calvary Chapel Walnut Creek. They were sent out from their home church Calvary Chapel Canyon Hills in Lake Elsinore California where Jared served on staff as an Assistant Pastor. Over the last 8 years Jared has served in various aspects of Pastoral ministry including: youth, young adults, worship, and as an assistant pastor before being sent out to plant and pastor this new church plant.

La Via (The Way)
Location: Managua, Nicaragua
Planter: Robert Trohon
Mentor: Pastor Cal Stuebner

Pastor Rob was saved at 20 years old.  After 20+ years in the wilderness he returned to God through Calvary Nexus, Camarillo,  Pastor Bruce Zachary. God is great! He is THE WAY, the Truth and the Life.

In 2008, Pastor Rob, his wife Marisol, and two daughters came to Nicaragua to work as house parents at a Christian orphanage. God had other plans. They started a small Bible study which eventually turned into Sunday church “La Via”, which has grown to include multiple Bible studies. Pastor Rob loves the Lord, and he is  honored to serve Him as called. As a family, they thrive on faith, hope, love, humility, wisdom, purity, and the glorification of God, through the Holy Spirit.

Calvary Fellowship – Mason City 
Location: Mason City, Iowa
Planter: Adam Tyler
Mentor: Pastor David Cuff

I spent the majority of my life pursing a career in secular music until the Lord called me to ministry. I realized the call while at Calvary Chapel Mid Valley. I was completely fed and energized by verse-by-verse teaching and realized immediately that I wanted to teach in this way. Since then I have moved back to my hometown and through an amazing chain of events I had the privilege of undertaking the planting of Calvary Fellowship – Mason City on January 1st, 2014.

Semilla Veracruz
Location: Veracruz, Mexico
Planter: Tali Victoria
Mentor: Pastor Jaime Foote

Tali Victoria served as a youth Pastor and Institute teacher in Semilla Cuernavaca (Mexico) with Pastor Jaime Foote. In July 2014 after praying for 9 months, Tali and his family were sent to the Port of Veracruz, Mexico, to plant a church.

A men’s Saturday Bible study was launched at a local coffee shop with an attendance of 10 men. After 4 weeks of praying and studying 2 Timothy verse by verse and Calvary Chapel Distinctives, a local pastor recommended a location for rent to start Sunday meetings. The space was rented by Semilla Veracruz but there was no money to remodel. After praying, God supplied the money through a non-believer that knew about the church plant.  Sunday services launched in September 2014 with an attendance of 150 adults and 35 children.

Today, Semilla Veracruz has a mid-week service, women’s discipleship, a Saturday men’s group, a youth group and two Sunday services.

Salt Church 
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Planter: AJ Villegas
Mentor: Pastor Skip Heitzig

AJ, with a small church planting team, began Salt church in the middle of 2013 to reach out to the community of Boulder, Colorado.  He was ordained and served as a youth pastor at Calvary Chapel of Albuquerque for four years.  AJ and his wife Lisa were married in June of 2009 and have two sons, Callan and Luke.  The family returned to their roots in Colorado.  A solid core group has joined them in Boulder to establish Salt Church.