As parents, the greatest challenge we face is to help our children know God and His ways, so that our children and their children can follow after Him.

This article and companion book, Gospel of John Family Devotion, will help your family study together through the Gospel of John.


Henry Ford started the Ford Motor Company and was one of the wealthiest men in the country. One day, he bought a life insurance policy, and the man who sold him the policy made lots of money from the sale. Interestingly, Mr. Ford had a close friend who also sold life insurance. Henry’s friend asked why he didn’t buy the policy from him. Henry responded, “You never asked.”

How many of our friends would say that they did not become a Christian because we never asked? If I offered $10,000.00 to the first 10 people who told someone about Jesus, and it made no difference if that person began a relationship with Jesus or not, what do you think would happen?


Jesus asked the disciples [v.38], “What do you seek?” That was the first question Jesus asked during His ministry as recorded in the Bible. The question makes you think about what you are looking for. What need are you trying to fill? Whatever you are looking for from life, Jesus is the answer to what you are seeking.

What’s the point? Tell people about Jesus.

FYI: Have you ever looked on a milk carton and seen the word pasteurized? Louis Pasteur developed the system that helps protect milk from germs. He was also one of the first people to invent a vaccine, and he invented many. At that time, thousands of people died each year from rabies. Mr. Pasteur invented a vaccine for rabies that he was going to test on himself because he thought it was too dangerous to try on anyone else. The day the vaccine was invented nine-year-old Joseph Meister was bitten by a dog with rabies. His mother begged Mr. Pasteur to try the vaccine on her son before he died. Pasteur gave the boy the vaccine, and he lived. Decades later of all the things Pasteur could have placed on his gravestone, he asked for three words: “Joseph Meister Lived.” One of the most important experiences of life is helping others to live. When we tell people about Jesus, we help them to live.

Now what? Share the Good News.

Bible Text: John 1:29 “Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!”


  1. Prepare for Jesus
  2. Point to Jesus

1. Prepare for Jesus [15-23]

v.19-22 The Jewish leaders wondered if John the Baptist was the Messiah, the Son of God. They wondered if he was the one who the prophets said would come. When John told them that he wasn’t the Messiah, they wondered who he was.

v.22-23 John said: “I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness: ‘Make straight the way of the Lord.’” In those days, the people would prepare the road for the king’s arrival. They would fill the potholes, and remove rocks, and fallen trees. They wanted the path to be smooth for the king. John was letting people know to prepare for Jesus. If there are any obstacles, help people to have a clear path to Jesus.

D.L. Moody once asked a man, “Are you a Christian?” The man responded, “Mind your own business!” Then Moody said, “This is my business.” It’s your business too. As you talk with people about Jesus, try to answer the questions they have. Help them to see their need for a relationship with Jesus.


2. Point to Jesus [24-34]

v.24-28 The religious leaders wondered why John was baptizing people. He explained that it was to prepare people for the Messiah. Generally, Jews baptized Gentiles [non-Jews] who had converted to Judaism. John was baptizing Jews and Gentiles. John was saying that all people need to be prepared to get right with God.

v.29-31 Behold the Lamb: John points to Jesus, and identifies Him as the real Messiah. Jesus is the only one who takes away the sin of the world.

v.32-34 John bore witness and told people about the events at Jesus’ baptism. John wanted people to know that Jesus is truly the Messiah. We too, can share our experience with Jesus.


Bringing it home:

  1. Think about some people that you want to tell about Jesus. Ask God to help you. Consider ways that you can let people know that you love Jesus. What are some of your ideas?
  2. Consider inviting friends and neighbors to your home, church, or an outreach event to hear about Jesus and the gospel.



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