Velo Church Leaders - School of Ministry - Bruce Zachary

Kingdom Leaders

Have you ever met a church leader who seems focused on building the local church? Of course you have. Almost all of us have a desire to equip and edify the local church. Have you ever considered how the focus on the development of the local church could potentially cause us to neglect the greater Kingdom? Over focus on the local church is an obstacle to healthy advancement of Christ’s Kingdom when resources are heavily allocated to, what is essentially our small piece of the puzzle, forgetting the big, Kingdom picture. Kingdom initiatives that seem to transcend the local church include, but are not limited to: global missions, church planting, para-­‐church ministries, engaging or reaching unreached people groups, developing leaders for Kingdom service beyond the local church and benevolence, especially beyond the local church. Anecdotally, the percentage of resources (time talent and treasure) that are used for these Kingdom initiatives in the typical local church is often very small.