As parents, the greatest challenge we face is to help our children know God and His ways, so that our children and their children can follow after Him.

This article and companion book, Gospel of John Family Devotion, will help your family study together through the Gospel of John.



Have you ever seen a baby swan? They are not very pretty to look at. They are clumsy, helpless and … ugly. As the baby swan grows it is transformed into one of the most beautiful and graceful animals imaginable. God transforms things to make them better. Can you think of an area in your life where you think God wants to change you to make you even better?


Jesus transforms His followers to make them better. He changed Peter from unstable to a rock of a man, John from a man with a bad temper to a loving shepherd, Matthew from a money lover to a lover of God, and Paul from a hater of Christians to a champion of the church.

What’s the point? Jesus transforms us and makes us better.

FYI: Jesus’ very first miracle was the changing of water into wine at the wedding feast. He did not perform miracles as a teenager, but His miracles were on God’s time schedule.

FYI: Jews are often married on the third day of a week [2:1], which would be Tuesday. You probably can’t guess why. During the creation, God pronounced a double blessing on the third day [Genesis 1:9-13]. Jews want a double blessing for their marriage, so some Jews have their wedding on Tuesday.

Now what? Be transformed.

Bible Text: John 2:5 “His mother said to the servants, ‘Whatever He says to you, do it.'”


  1. Jesus’ power
  2. Jesus’ plan
  3. Jesus’ purpose


1. Jesus’ power [1-5]

v.1-3 There was a wedding … and they ran out of wine: A Jewish wedding feast would last a week. Jesus was at the wedding with His disciples, and His mother Mary was also there. In that culture, a host would be very embarrassed if he ran out of wine; hospitality was extremely important. Mary knew she didn’t have the power to change things, and neither did anyone else, except for Jesus. Jesus has the power to transform!

Mary instructed the waiters to do whatever Jesus told them to do. If you want to experience transformation, simply do whatever Jesus tells you to do.


2. Jesus’ plan [6-10]

v.6-7 Water for purification: There were six big containers of water that each held about 20-30 gallons. The Jews would use the water to wash their hands and feet before they ate as a symbol of being pure. The water was a symbol of ritual and religion. Ritual and religion can’t transform us, but Jesus can. He told the waiters to fill the water containers to the top with water, and they obeyed. Jesus’ plan for transformation begins with trust and obedience.

v.8-10 Good wine: Jesus’ miracle changed the water to wine, and it was the best wine anyone ever tasted! The Lord’s best is so much better than the world’s best. His plan is to transform you to be even better than you are.


3. Jesus’ purpose [11]

v.11 Jesus changes good to great. We need to give up the good to get the best. People who have a relationship with Jesus are transformed. The Bible tells us, “If anyone be in Christ he is a new creation; old things have passed away, behold all things have become new.” [2Corinthians 5:17]. When Jesus transforms, it reveals His glory.

When people see the changes in us, it reveals God’s glory and shows how great God is. It also strengthens our faith, and encourages us that God will transform us.


Bringing it home:

  1. Consider how God transforms an ugly baby swan into a graceful and beautiful bird or how He changes a caterpillar to a butterfly. Draw a picture to remind you of how God transforms.
  2. Did you think of an area in your life where you think God wants to change you to make you even better? Pray and ask Him to transform you. Remember to trust and obey Him. Whatever He says to you, do it!



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