As parents, the greatest challenge we face is to help our children know God and His ways, so that our children and their children can follow after Him.

This article and companion book, Gospel of John Family Devotion book, will help your family study together through the Gospel of John.


A small boy was drawing a picture when his mom asked, “What are you drawing?” The boy replied, “A picture of God.” His mom said, “No one knows what God looks like.” To which the boy confidently responded, “They will when I get through.”

Imagine Jesus’ hands. His hands made the universe. They are also a baby’s hand wrapped around Mary’s thumb, a young boy’s hand holding a hammer in Joseph’s carpentry shop, hands raised as He calmed the stormy sea, hands that touched the lame, and the blind … the hands of God washing the disciples’ feet. As you think about Jesus’ hands, can you imagine Him hugging you? How do you think it would feel?


Jesus left His home in heaven to come to us. He loves you and wants you to understand God’s love. He lived a  perfect life to be an example to you. Then, He gave His life for you so you that could connect with God.

What’s the point?

Jesus is God.

FYI: John Howard Griffin wrote, “Black Like Me” in 1959. He underwent medical treatment to change the color of his skin to temporarily become a black man. He then went to the South to experience, and to understand, racial prejudice. He wanted to know the suffering others experienced.

Now what?

Trust Jesus.

Bible Text: John1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”


  1. Jesus is God
  2. Jesus reveals God
  3. Jesus gives life

1. Jesus is God [1-3, 14]

v.1-3 In the beginning: Jesus lived even before there was time as we know it. Since he is God, He has always existed. John wants us to know Jesus is not only the Son of God, but is God!

v.14 The Word became flesh: Jesus became a man. Jesus is fully God and fully man. He was hungry, thirsty, tired, wept, and bled, just like you and me, but He is also always God. Remember, Judas had to identify Jesus with a kiss in the Garden of Gethsemane; He didn’t have a glowing head. He looked just like anybody else.

FYI: Joseph Damien was a missionary who ministered to lepers at Molokai Island in the 1800s. Leprosy is very contagious and a very serious disease. Therefore, people with leprosy lived together on the island away from others. Every day he would start his Bible study, “My fellow believers …” One day he woke up and realized that he had become a leper. That day, he began his Bible study “My fellow lepers …” Joseph dwelt with the lepers, and experienced their life, just like Jesus dwelt with us.

2. Jesus reveals God [4-11]

v.9 Jesus is the True Light: He is the one who reveals God clearly. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world” [John 8:12].

Have you ever seen a lighthouse? The light directs the ships in the dark night and warns of dangers. In the same way, Jesus directs us to God, and warns us of the dangers of life apart from God. If we just follow Jesus, we will see God clearly.

FYI: The earliest lighthouses were simply bonfires built on hillsides to guide ships. The first real lighthouse served the old world city of Alexandria, Egypt, in 285 B.C. The first American lighthouse came to life in 1716 at Boston Harbor.

3. Jesus gives life [12-13]

v.12-13 Children of God, to those who believe in Him: Those who recognize Jesus as God and choose to try to follow and obey Him become part of the family of God. They are God’s children and have a special relationship with Him. They relate to God as Papa. They enjoy all the benefits of a relationship with God such as love, joy, peace, hope, and life. You, too, can receive comfort from God, just like a special hug.


Bringing it home:

  1. If you want to have a special relationship with God, simply trust in Jesus, and decide to learn of Him, follow Him, and obey Him. If you do, the Bible promises special blessings for you.
  2. Draw a picture of your family and God together. Date and sign the picture, and find a good place to display the picture.



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